It has been a long lasting captivation and fascination with creating artworks that offer experiences that are complicated and incomplete. This is a phenomenal interest as well as a philosophical one, as I am directly influenced by philosophical hermeneutics, particularly John Caputo’s notions on radical hermeneutics.  Caputo reminds us of the difficulty and complexity inherent in all human experience and seeks to encourage remaining driven and interpretively open to facing up to the mystery of existence.  It is my hope that my focus offers the same perspective experientially, allowing my viewers to realize through the elusive that our interpretations and understandings of complex phenomena are illuminating yet incomplete, and as such, are always open to reevaluation.    

To this end, the language of my artwork seeks to find an ambiguous space between the language of drawing and painting with the language of biological and scientific representations.  In their arrangement, I am looking for a visual connection first, an embodied reaction.   This relationship is metaphorical and is used to allude to our strivings and limitations when seeking to understand the phenomenal world.   Put simply, I am interested in how we come to terms with complexity and how complex phenomena always, on some level, elude our grasp.  The balance is struck by driving the images to the point of elusiveness, through fragmentation and the degree of complexity, or obfuscation. Subsequently, the works are shelved, propped up and leaning against the wall, as a gentle reminder of this provisional nature of understanding.